No entrance/ Eyes

Mei listened while also deciding to just get it over with like ripping off a band aid, while holding her arm she fell down into the wagon, she covered her mouth as she cried out, sweat beating on her forehead and all over her body, the pain made her feel sick to her stomach, She used her good arm to lift her legs gentle into the wagon, before lily could say anything she continued with their conversation "but strangers cant get on school grounds.....unless he is a teacher or a student he cant enter.." she said in between breaths as she tried to calm her breathing, she still managed to keep herself covered from head to tone, even hiding her face.
About a half an hour passed and her and the boy were still silently drawing "what do you think?" the boy suddenly asked showing her his drawing, it was of one of the Orchid plants that were just starting to bloom. His drawing was good and he changed the color to his own design "I like it....but why the blue? the Orchid is pink" she asked handing it back to him "your eyes" he said simple while putting the finishing touches on his drawing "I like that color better....Well Enjoy your night Ellie maybe we will meet again" he said standing up and packing his things "its a school....Im sure we will" she said jokingly. He smiled at her and left, she continued to draw, though she found that the flowers she was drawing were red, since all she kept thinking about was Theo.

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