Mei sighed "yes...remember we must go quickly through the garden.." she said in a nervous tone. Once Lily started pulling every bump became almost unbearable but she covered her mouth with her hand to keep quiet, as they entered the garden the wagon bumped slightly making her bite down on her lip to keep quiet.
Mei could taste her blood knowing she cut her lip and knew now they really needed to hurry before anyone smelled it.
Ellie was half way through her drawing of Theo when the smell of blood hit her nose, she hasped, the smell was so strong and sweet her fangs instantly enlarged, her hunger hit her hard catching her off guard, she started to panick knowing her eyes must be red right now, she looked around making sure no one was near, the smell was getting strong and she was losing the fight to control herself, she had never felt a hunger this strong like this. She got up, her nails digging into her palms so hard that little droplets of blood fell on her drawing of Theo that was on the ground, covering his face making it look like he was crying blood. She needed to get away from that smell before it was to late but she didnt know which way to go

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