Room/Heard thoughts

Mei hide her face trying to cover up the smell of her blood the best she could, she trusted Lily to lead her in the right direction but when she felt the wagon go inside of a door way and room she knew it couldn't be her room because it was to soon "Lily what are you..." when she looked she saw she was in Gawain room and her heart sank "Lily..." she said in a shocked whisper. Luckily he looked like he was sleeping but she didnt know how long he would be. With a sigh she accepted the fact that they were here, she knew Lily did it to keep her safe because of the blood. Now the only problem was what to do now, she couldn't move the wagon would make noise and might wake him up, but then again so might the smell of her blood, she knew she needed to think fast but when Lily shut the door Gawain started to stir in his bed.
Ellie cursed in her mind as she paced, the smell had faded but it still lingered enough to keep her on edge, she tried to calm herself down but nothing was working, she felt like she was loosing control and she prayed that no one would come there for she feared she would not be able to control herself calm down...calm down...oh god... she thought to herself

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