No arguing/Questions

Gawain sighed "Please, don't change the subject. Not now.". It could clearly be heard on his voice how tired he was and he really didn't want to waste a lot of time arguing with her right now. "Your hurt. Take some of my bloodbags." he knew he wouldn't be drinking them anyway at thos moment. As he said this Lily once more pushed the bloodbags towards her, urging her to take them.


After a while Theo got bored. He brought his music with him as he left his room and headed outside.

Before long he caught the scent of something familiar; Ellies blood. Quickly he moved towards the source of the smell, only to find a bag, some pencils and a notebook. He picked up the open notebook and looked at the bloody drawing. Had she really been drawing him? This surprised him, but it confused him to see the blood that was smeared across it. Why had she done this and why had she also left it all laying here outside?

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