Jinxy felt Theo's blood lust and did the only thing she could think to do. She used spirit to calm him down. Soon. He would stop licking the wound. She lowered the girl to the ground and pulled Theo away. She sent more soothing spirit to him as she did. " Theo stop. People will see you.." No one saw them with all that was going on. to busy watching the library burn. She tugged Theo away and they disappeared out of sight of every one els. she herd someone call out saying there was a girl on the ground.good the girl would get help.. she pulled Theo into the shadows behind a building a sank down tierd from all the energy she was using to control his thirst. She placed her head in her hands " what is wrong with you? What were you thinking? You could be in so much trouble if they find out it was you.." She sighed head still in her hands. why was she even helping him? She should tell a teacher...tell some one..

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