A Fire....Now????

She wove down the hallway, avoiding crashing onto other fledglings, until she reached the nurses office. Once there, she sat on one of the leather cots and folded the wheels back into her shoes.

"Sorry, sorry," she apologized. "Had to stop for breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Need energy for those magic growth spurts." She didn't want to upset April by bringing up Theo. It was hard to find skater buds.


As Reagan was entering the office Elvira was showing Ed and April the spells they were going to work on. April was trying to understand the process while Ed was memorizing the components needed. Since Ed was a gifted nerd with a photographic memory, learning came easy to him. His weaknesses included pretty much anything non academic like sports, looks, arts, music business and socializing. April was a polar opposite of Ed in that she was bad at academics while being good at sports and socializing. However due to a sick twist of fate they were both loners.

So while April was asking Elvira to explain a few definitions, Ed was drawing the circle and gathering the spell components.

Elvira: Oh hey girlfriend, we were just getting started. I got Ed setting up and I was helping April to understand the spell. Come take a look.

So while Ed was making the preparations, Elvira was explaining the spell to the girls since it was very detailed and had a lot of critical parts. The spell they were gonna work on was making an artifact to store mana in. The purpose of this was artifact was to help them store extra mana they could not control as well as making sure they didn't strain themselves while doing spells. If they lacked the initial mana to do a spell it could drain them and put them and the spell in danger, so the artifact would take the edge off. Elvira had a few bracelets with colored stones in them prepared for each of the kids. The colored stones varied depending on the element so Ed got the blue stones, April got the yellow stones and Reagan got the green stones. Once the spell was complete their mana would be linked to the stones. Elvira gave the kids their bracelets to get ready for the spell.

Jinxy didn't want to k ow for sure. But there wasn't much choice. Stepping up behind him she placed her hand on his shoulder " theo!" She yelled over the roar of the flames behind them a shelf caved in on Its self as the flames at away at it. She pulled his shoulder " Theo! "

Unfortunately before they could get started in the spell the fire alarm sounded in the building and they had to leave the building. After they got outside they gathered with the other students as the staff made sure to save any confused or injured students.


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