More berries/Crazy

Gawain smiled gently and sat up sligthly "No no, I didn't hear you at all.". His gaze then went to the glass she was holding. "What is it?" he wanted to try it no matter what now that she had made it and it didn't appear to be blood, or at least not the majority of it, so maybe it wouldn't be a problem.

Lily found her way back to where the elderberries were and grabbed a few branches with some on. She then went back to Gawains room. When she noticed Mei and Gawain was talking she waited a little as she didn't want to disturb them.


It almost made him smile, but he held it back and just shook his head "You're crazy...". Though it might sound mean it was meant in a loving way.

Now that she didn't drink the rest of the blood then he quickly finished the rest of it. Then he just stayed sitting where they were, gently holding her close to his chest.

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