Thanks/Going back

"Thank you" he looked at her with a small smile, but it soon faded and he had to look down to try and hide his sadness. Then he pulled himself together and tried not to think too much about it. "I'm sure it's good as it is" he smiled wagely and took the glass. He hesitated a little before putting the glass to his lips and tried to drink some of the content. When trying to keep his focus on the taste of the berries it he actually succeed in drinking it without making the nausea worse. Having emptied the glass he smiled a little to her once more "Thank you. It was delicious".

The thought of her haunting him in his afterlife put a smile on Theo's lips "If you put it that way, I guess I have no choice than to stick around a bit longer.". He tried to joke a little with her, though he really was worried about her health. While holding her tight he got up "You have to get back to your room, but because you're so stubborn I'm going to give you a choice; Either you drink the blood I just brought you or I'll carry you back to your room and then you drink the blood. So what will you choose?". He really needed to get her back to her room and into safety and then he would have to return to his own room which he knew the teachers would be checking soon.

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