Trust/Your room

"Thanks" he said as he watched her leave, but his smile soon faded once she had left the room. Lily slowly walked up to Gawain and put her head on the bead, looking up at her "You really should tell her the truth. It won't be easy, but you won't be able to hide for ever anyway". He sighed slightly "I know.. but I don't think she'll ever be able to forgive such a terrible thing...". "You'll never know if you never try" this last comment made him look away. He knew Lily were right, but it didn't make it easier. Eventhough the right thing would be to tell Mei everything, but if he did so he would risk losing her forever...


Theo smiled wagely and kissed her on the forehead "Then I'll take you to your room". He couldn't just leave her even though he knew the teachers would soon notice the he wasn't in his room.

He started walking back towards her room, hoping not to get noticed by anyone since this would spoil everything, and went straight for her room.

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