Another Day At School

A few days passed as Ed was now used to being a second year. He noticed one day as he woke up that Nagi's hugs didn't hurt anymore so he brought up the subject to her.

Ed: Hey Nagi are you getting weaker or am I getting stronger?

Nagi communicated with Ed via telepathy.

Nagi: You are getting ssssssssssssstronger massssster.

Ed: Huh...........I guess that explains why your hugs are painful anymore.

Nagi: Sssssssssssssssssorry Massssssster. Nagi gelds cold.

Ed: Don't sweat it girl. We are a team right?

Nagi: Yessssssssss I live for Massssster. Unlike that harlot.

Ed: You mean April?

Nagi: Yessssssss. Nagi doesssssss not approve.

Ed: What about Elvira?

Nagi: Nagi doesssssss not approve of her assssssswell. Only Nagi loves Master.

Ed: Cut me some slack Nagi. I need you to put your selfish needs aside. Come graduation the three of us will be living together.

Nagi: Isssssss that Masssster'sssssss wish?

Ed: Yes it is. However I will still treasure you Nagi.

Nagi: Nagi will obey......but....

Ed: Go on.

Nagi: Nagi asks for to much.

Ed: Come on Nagi what is it?

Nagi wants to be with Master too.

Ed: You are with me Nagi. Heck you still freak out Sabine and her ilk regularly.

Nagi: Nagi meanssssssss like the other two humanssssssss.

Ed was a bit shocked by that as he paused to think for a moment.

Ed: Well considering I can't shapeshift since my power is water, I'll have to find another way. Well I can't make it a permanent thing but maybe I can find a spell or potion for a temporary thing for you.

Nagi: Nagi would be pleasssssed Massssssster.

Ed: Okay I'll add it to my list of spells to learn before graduation then. However it sounds like an advanced and complicated spell so you will need to be patient.

Nagi: Nagi undersssssstandssssssssss Massssster.

Ed: Good. Now its time to wake up April.

Nagi: Hmmmph.

Ed chuckled as he patted Nagi's head and put her on his neck. He kept Nagi close by since she helped deter bullies, made him look strong and he was rather fond of her. As he walked down the hallways many students moved out of his way out of fear Nagi might strike at them. Even Sabine hesitated to confront Jack even though she was a 4th year now. However he was on good terms with the members of his coven as well as Tilli who was a new instructor. Sadly Tilli taught the 1st years so he missed his chance to take lessons from her in Shapeshifting 101. Eventually he arrived at Aril's room which was a mess as usual and Ed sighed as he conjured several elemental water snakes to clean her room and get April ready. The water shake elementals stripped her, washed her and clothed her as Ed fed her a blood pouch from his mini fridge.

Eventually April woke up in a cranky mood despite being pampered. Ed gather her books and escorted her to get breakfast before class. This was how their night began on a daily basis. In the past Ed was confronted by a few instructors out of concern for him getting to close to April, but he told them he was going wait till graduation before accepting a wife. They were a bit shocked by his answer and after a while they let it slide since he was very focused on his studies and coven. Once they arrived at the cafeteria they picked out their meals and a blood bag before sitting with their coven, Elvira and Tilli. Jack made sure to feed Nagi a few raw boneless steaks to keep her healthy. They then talked over simple matters like coven schedules, progress and small talk.

Tilli was full of nice things to say about her classes as she rambled on and on. She even had a few nice things to say about the 1st years in their coven. It helped with the lull as they ate. Tilli and Elvira gossiped about teaching while Ed and the others talked about the latest gossip. Sometimes Ed would give the a few tips on improving a spell. After breakfast they made their way to class.


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