The wheat coloured kitty

At the end of the dining hall Theo was sitting by himself, sulking.

After countless personalized training hours the teachers had finally removed that dreadful collar he had been wearing. This would have made him happy beyond belief if it had not been for what the teachers then had decided. Now he were to be under constant supervision until they were completely convinced that he would not attack any and he had to continue the strict diet they had put together for him. He was so to say free and yet behind bars...

"Here you go." Gawain said with a friendly smile as he placed Theo's food in front of him together with a small bag of blood "Enjoy.". There was absolutely no response from Theo, but this did not really come as any surprise to Gawain. He just carried on and took a seat by a table a little further away so he could keep an eye on Theo, but also let him have some privacy. To pass the time Gawain had brought one of his books so he could do a little preparation for his next lessons.

For a while Theo just stared at the food, but then slowly started to eat it. When he was almost done he felt something stroking his leg. He looked down to see a slightly chubby cat with quite a striking wheat coloured coat looking back at him with its clear blue eyes. This was odd and he gently push the cat with his foot, hoping it would leave. It did not. He had only just resumed eating when the cat suddenly jumped up on the bench and curled up against him. It started purr happily and he let out a sligthly annoyed sigh. Apparently the cat had decided to stay for some reason and right now Theo was not in the mood to bother with chasing it away. He just ignored it, expecting it to leave anytime and return to whoever it belonged to.

But what he did not know was that the cat was already with its owner.

(OOC: I'm guessing that we have skipped some time to get things started again but I don't know much time has passed so please correct me if I mess things up ^^')

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