School Gossip

OOC - Its cool in the school. My characters are in the middle of their 2nd yr now so I imagine that works out for Theo time wise.
At the end of the dining hall Theo was sitting by himself, sulking.
After countless personalized training hours the teachers had finally removed that dreadful collar he had been wearing. This would have made him happy beyond belief if it had not been for what the teachers then had decided. Now he were to be under constant supervision until they were completely convinced that he would not attack any and he had to continue the strict diet they had put together for him. He was so to say free and yet behind bars...

"Here you go." Gawain said with a friendly smile as he placed Theo's food in front of him together with a small bag of blood "Enjoy.". There was absolutely no response from Theo, but this did not really come as any surprise to Gawain. He just carried on and took a seat by a table a little further away so he could keep an eye on Theo, but also let him have some privacy. To pass the time Gawain had brought one of his books so he could do a little preparation for his next lessons.

As Ed & April collected their food from the line they headed to where their cove was sitting with Elvira. Both Ed and April noticed Theo was not wearing his collar anymore, but at the same time he looked grouchy. He got even grouchier as Gawain served him his food and tried to talk to him.

April: What happened there?

April muttered quietly as she was curious and concerned that Theo seemed to free now.

Ed smirked as he replied to her quietly.

Ed: Word out is that he is on probation now. The staff is watching him like a hawk so he must pissed.

April: Well serves him right for be a bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling dipped in bastard sauce.

Ed: Is that the word of the day?

April: Damn straight.

Ed: Come on April the others are waiting.

April: Yeah yeah.

After sitting down they greeted Elvira, Reagan and the other coven members. Elvira then broke out with the latest gossip in school of Theo being on probation and having his collar removed. She warned the others to avoid him since he has been on edge as of late. April agreed and told the others she and him were on bad terms. Of course April left out the part of him biting Reagan out of respect.

For a while Theo just stared at the food, but then slowly started to eat it. When he was almost done he felt something stroking his leg. He looked down to see a slightly chubby cat with quite a striking wheat coloured coat looking back at him with its clear blue eyes. This was odd and he gently push the cat with his foot, hoping it would leave. It did not. He had only just resumed eating when the cat suddenly jumped up on the bench and curled up against him. It started purr happily and he let out a sligthly annoyed sigh. Apparently the cat had decided to stay for some reason and right now Theo was not in the mood to bother with chasing it away. He just ignored it, expecting it to leave anytime and return to whoever it belonged to.

But what he did not know was that the cat was already with its owner.

Nagi was about to eat the raw steak tender Ed set aside for her when she noticed the cat by Theo. Nagi then used her telepathy to communicate with Ed. Though they often had private conversations like that it looked like they were just looking at each other.

Nagi: Lookssssssss like the troublesssssome boy found a familiar.

Ed: Really? What kind?

Nagi: A cat

Ed: Seems typical right?

Nagi: Yesssssssssss a cat is the most common one for students.

Ed: Well keep an eye on it. Hopefully it won't make things worse for him.

Nagi: Yessssssssssssss Masssssssster.

Nagi then bite her meat and gulped it down. Ed knew Nagi could eat anything the size of a cat, but out of concern he fed her boneless steak and a reptile vitamin to keep her healthy. Ed read that a diet including vitamin D is needed to insure adequate levels to allow for calcium absorption. Most modern calcium supplements for reptiles include preformed vitamin D3. Ed also gave Nagi a anti-parasite herbal treatment as well. These supplements, coupled with a UV bulb and occasional exposure to sunlight will result in a very healthy, happy pet. So in Ed's room he set up a spot with a hot rock and a UV lamp to let Nagi warm up. However she still insisted on sleeping with him to stay warm. Ed of course spoiled her since they were partners. Ed then looked at April and Reagan who might be getting their familiar soon. he wondered what they would be.


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