A new approach

When Theo had finished his meal the cat still had not left. On the contrary. It had fallen asleep and was now using his leg as a pillow. This was all getting too much for him and he could no longer ignore it. He simply refused to admit to himself that it was actually rather nice with a little company and pushed the cat away. Then he turned around, grabbed his bag, pulled out a book, opened it at a random page and started reading. Now believed he had made it clear to the cat that he would like to be left alone.

The cat was abruptly woken when she was pushed away. She stretched and yawned a bit before she sat down and just observed Theo. His multiple rejections did not affect her at all.

From the distance Gawain had noticed what was going on between Theo and the cat. A small smile formed on his lips and he reached out to scratch Lily behind the ear. Although he could see that Theo kept pushing the cat away he did not interfere. This was something Theo had to figure out himself. It was not unheard of that some initially found it hard to accept their familiars but it always worked out in the end. He just had to lean back and enjoy the scene that was unfolding in front of him.

The cat patiently watched Theo while she came up with a new idea. Despite her chubby body she gracefully jumped up the table and sat down right in front of Theo's book. "... If there's something you want to talk about then you can always tell it to me." she said telepathically to him "You see. I'm your new familiar.". She hoped that this would cheer him up a little and she certainly had his attention now.

For a moment or two Theo just stared at the cat. Was this really going to be his familiar? A little kitty cat? This was definitely not what he had expected. He let out a tired sigh "Look. I don't need the help from some fat furball. Please find someone else to bother.".

"I'm not that fat..." she quickly defended herself, but then look down at her body and almost smiled a little embarrassed "... well, maybe a little.". It did not really matter to her that he kept on acting so hostile to her. No matter what she were going to find a way to help him.

After yet some more thinking she came up with a new plan. "Oh, I know exactly what you need. Just stay here. I'll be right back." almost before she had finished the last sentence she had jumped down the table and started her search.

Theo just shook his head and then continued his reading in silence.

Back on the ground the cat quickly looked around for a suitable group to make contact with. To her it was obvious that Theo needed some friends to talk to. Nobody really liked to be alone all the time after all.

It did not take her long to spot a group of students (Ed and co. if that's no problem with you of course ^^). With a slow jog she approached them and jumped up to the table so they could better see her. "Uhm... I'm sorry to interrupt you guys, but I was hoping you could help me out." she then nodded towards Theo "You see that guy over there? Sitting all by himself? That's my new master and he could really use some company to cheer him up. Are any of you up for it? At least to give it a try?". She looked around each member of the group, awaiting their answer.

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