Animal Talk

It did not take her long to spot a group of students (Ed and co. if that's no problem with you of course ^^). With a slow jog she approached them and jumped up to the table so they could better see her. "Uhm... I'm sorry to interrupt you guys, but I was hoping you could help me out." she then nodded towards Theo "You see that guy over there? Sitting all by himself? That's my new master and he could really use some company to cheer him up. Are any of you up for it? At least to give it a try?". She looked around each member of the group, awaiting their answer.

Ed, Nagi, April, Elvira and the rest of the coven looked at the cute fur-ball and listened to its request and then looked at Theo in a silent shock. Nagi and Ed looked at each other then at the cat with a matching dropped jaw. Then they looked at April who had a questionable smile on her face. Then they all looked at Reagan who looked uncertain how to respond since it had been a while since Theo bit her.

Elvira: Oh my. I think you kids should handle this one.

April: did that loser get such a cute familiar?

Ed: Luck of the draw I guess.

Reagan: Hes so cute.

The other coven members found the cat to be very cute.

Ed: Hey Nagi how about you tell the nice kitty about our situation.

Nagi telepathically: Yesssssss Massssster.

Nagi looked at the cat and hissed and slithered her tongue.

Nagi: Lisssssssten up cat. You're Massssster isssssss on bad termsssssss with thisssss group. Lasssssssst year he drank from the female in the beanie and the mean female beat him up. Till recccccently he wassssss wearing a control collar for hisssssssss crime. If you wissssssh for them to be on good termsssssss, it will be hard asssssss the trussssst hasssssss been broken.

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