Steppin Up

With her tail thoughtfully swishing from side to side she glanced back at Theo. Eventhough they had just met it hurt her to se him sitting there all alone while all others were together with atleast one or two others. She could feel how lonely he felt, though he would not even admit this to himself. Something had to be done to change this.

She turned to look at the giant snake once more "I don't believe he's like that anymore. He's changed. I can feel it. Please, give him a chance". Her eyes might be pleading but there were determination in her tone. "Eventhough they might not be on good terms at the moment that doesn't mean it can't be changed, right? All I'm asking is that just one of you walks over and tries to talk to him. If that doesn't work out you can always just leave again.".

Ed looked at the cat and Nagi as he was listening to the conversation with great interest as he ate his meal in silence. When Nagi was done she looked at Ed who was grinning with a wicked smile as he spoke up so the others could hear him.

Ed: Let me get this straight........You are here on Theo's behalf to help him make friends with the group he is on bad terms with?

April: What???? You're kidding right?

Elvira: Its up to you kids.

The freshmen were confused but had the impression Theo was trouble because of the rumors. Then Ed looked at Reagan and spoke.

Ed: What's your opinion?

Reagan thought for a second and then shrugged like she didn't care anymore.

Ed then looked at April who looked ready to loose it. Seeing as he was the only one who could deal with Theo if he got violent he sighed and rolled his eyes up before looking at the cat.

Ed: Okay fine......I'll humor you. Of course don't be shocked if it goes bad real quick. The last time we spoke he was hungry for blood.

Ed got up with Nagi on his neck and followed the cat back to Theo. He had a grin on his face as he approached Theo.

Ed: The cat here say you turned over a new leaf and want to make friends now. How do you feel about that?


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