Firing back

It was almost impossible for Theo to hold back his anger anymore but he somehow managed to do so.

With as much calm and collectedness as he could muster he turned to look at Ed as he was backing away "You know what? Has it ever occurred to you that I might not be acting as 'a jerk' if you and you're little fan club didn't always treat me like trash every time you had the chance to do so?".

He couldn't hold this back any longer as it had been bothering him for so long. Sure nobody really liked him because hea was 'one of the read one's' and the fact that all knew he had attacked at least one other student, but it seemed as though Ed and his fan club still seemed to hate him more than everyone else, despite the fact he had had nothing to do with them for a long time.

The cat still kept a distance to Theo, though she was a little encouraged to see that he didn't just attack despite this rather aggressive response from Ed.

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