The next lesson

The class proceeded without any incidents and Theo did well despite all af that many of the other students might have expected (because this was one of his first lessons since he had been given the collar). This actually surprised Theo a bit as he alnost had expected some mean comments from some of the other students (primarily one of Eds group), but that didn't happen even once.

Theo kept to him self as the class ended and just went on to the next, ignoring the fact that he knew Gawain was following and keeping an eye on him from the distance. Of course he knew Gawain was going to be their teacher in this class, but still he knew that he was keeping an eye on him.

As usual Theo chose one of the tables furthest away from the teachers desk.

Gawain just went to the class as calm and collected as he could, though he still hadn't quite gotten used to it yet. In general he was pretty awkward in many ways and was still wearing his olde clothes which was, to say it politely, centuries olde. The one that really made made lessons successful was Lily as she was much more socially skilled than him.

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