Shape Shifting 201

The class proceeded without any incidents and Theo did well despite all af that many of the other students might have expected (because this was one of his first lessons since he had been given the collar). This actually surprised Theo a bit as he alnost had expected some mean comments from some of the other students (primarily one of Eds group), but that didn't happen even once.

Theo kept to him self as the class ended and just went on to the next, ignoring the fact that he knew Gawain was following and keeping an eye on him from the distance. Of course he knew Gawain was going to be their teacher in this class, but still he knew that he was keeping an eye on him.

As usual Theo chose one of the tables furthest away from the teachers desk.

Once again Ed, April and Reagan were in the middle of a conversation as Theo walked by. They didn't even notice him as they were going on about April's familiar which was a fairly large Blue Parrot.

Reagan: Wow is it a boy or a girl?

Blu: I'm a boy.

Reagan: Cool. So will my familiar be a male too?

Ed: Good question. I have noticed that seems to be a common trend for the students with familiars, but its not absolute. Of course most students tend to get their familiars tend to get their familiars around the 2nd and 3rd year.

Reagan: A cat would be nice.

April: I was kinda expecting a cat to be honest.

Blu: Hey I resent that.

April: Sorry Blu. Elvira told me it was rare to not get a cat familiar.

Ed: True. At the every House of Night, cats share a special alliance with vampyres. They cannot be chosen by someone; all cats choose their owner by themselves. Cats are the main form of a vampyre familiar found in the vampyre world, while others include dogs, ravens and horses. At every House of Night, cats roam freely all over the campus.

Reagan: Yeah I feed them now and then on break. They are cute.

April: Meh. They are to selfish for my taste.

Ed snickered and Reagan tried not to laugh.

April: What? Got something to say.

Ed: Well you have a similar personality to a cat.

April: How so?

Ed looked at Reagan who saw Ed about to say something bad and she tried to interrupt him.

Ed: Well you are also independent and like to do things your way instead of being a follower.

Reagan was shocked Ed had a proper answer. It was obvious he had been doing some maturing emotionally as well. Ed smirked at April and turned around as the instructor entered the room.

Gawain just went to the class as calm and collected as he could, though he still hadn't quite gotten used to it yet. In general he was pretty awkward in many ways and was still wearing his olde clothes which was, to say it politely, centuries olde. The one that really made made lessons successful was Lily as she was much more socially skilled than him.

As Gawain began his lecture, Ed took detailed notes on the topic even though he, April and Reagan could not shape shift. Ed planned to keep all his detailed the notes for his coven so they could benefit from them after he graduated. However we was working on a similar spell where he used fluid to alter his appearance and create an armor and barrier to protect himself in a fight. By having a detailed library to refer to it would help the coven develop strong members in the future. Ed was turning out to be the responsible type no-a-days and didn't want to waste his time dealing with anyone who would interfere with his future plans of graduation and marriage. April on the other hand was more or less distracted by Blu who was perched on her desk. Reagan was now drawing hockey logos on her notepad as she was not to keen on the class.


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