Join/Missing him

Mei hummed as she raked the leaves from the large courtyard garden, students passed through classes as she got some glances but no one spoke to her, which she was fine with, she was use to that kind of thing. When she was finally done she sat down for a moment taking a break, she knew soon she was suppose to start taking classes with all the other students and that worried her, it would be the first time since the other school she would be doing things normally again and she worried it would not end well, the only bright side was Gawain. She would be able to be near him since she would be taking one of his classes. She blushed slightly thinking about him, they had not spoke since she left his room that night and she worried about how he was doing, but being so close to her rejoining the other students she had been watched very carefully and could not risk going to see him, which made her feel lonely because she missed him, it was the first time she really felt lonely and that was saying something but then again before she didnt have anyone to miss.
Ellie sighed and left class before anyone else did, she was always the first one out the door. The second she broke free of the building her headphones went on. SHe tried to take her mind of things but nothing was helping, not even her drawing. THen again it was hard to take her mind of things when the thing she was trying to forget was everywhere she looked, but if she was being honest with herself it was not a thing but a who, Theo. SHe had heard he got his collar removed and she had seen him around but he didnt notice her, which hurt more then she thought it would, it was obvious where he stood and that he had no interest in talking to her or working things out which once more bothered her more then she thought it would. She had let her self get to attached, she could not deny she really liked him, from the moment he bumped into her she was drawn to him, but what could she do? he didnt feel the same way and she was not the kind of person to force anything, she knew people couldnt help how they felt, though it didnt make it hurt any less. In truth she missed him, his playfulness, even his roughness and anger, she missed feeling his touch and talking to him. SHe shook her head and sat down on a bench in the garden where she liked to draw, she didnt have to be to hr next class for a few minutes and all this thinking about Theo had really bummed her out. NO matter what though there was one thing she knew was true, even if she was hurt and knew he would not choose to be with her, dispite all that she wished him happiness, even if she was not the one to give it too him....

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