Moving Along

It was quite obvious to Gawain that that many of the students didn't really care about the subject, which only made him more insecure and awkward. Despite of this he continued the best as he could, luckily with the help of Lily.

Finally the class ended and Gawain let out a silent sigh of relief as he sat down on his chair.
"This really isn't working out is it?" he telepathically said to Lily ."Sure it is." she positively replied "you just need to relax a bit more. Of course, not all of the students here are shapeshifters but that doesn't mean they don't find it interesting to learn about.
I think your doing great.". "Thanks..." Gawain still wasn't quite convinced, but he wanted to stay here in order to maintain his relationship with Mei.

Ed helped April and Regan pack their stuff as he carried Aprils books for her in his bag. This was a common practice as they had been in a weird relationship for over a year now. It was common knowledge they were close but it was a mystery as to how close since April treated Ed like her property. As they were leaving Ed walked up to Gawain and smiled at him.

Ed: You know first I thought this class would be more suited for shape shifters or history buffs, but I do find it interesting. Based on your theories of transformation I have learned more about the principals of the process. Like so.

Ed then created water around his arm and turned it into a snake made of water and slowly an ice snake. It now looked like a living sculpture.

Ed: I know its just a theory but I believe those with elemental powers can possibly achieve a shadow version of the transformation which could be useful. Granted I am still experimenting with the idea so I am still working on the camouflage part to make it look realistic.

Then April interupted them as she spoke up.

April: Yo Evil Eddy.......we got Uniques 2.0 and the bell is gonna ring soon.

Ed: Oh sorry sir. I am going to be late. Anyway thanks for the lesson.

April almost dragged Ed out, but he easily regained his balance and headed to class with April and Reagan. Blu teased Ed as April was bossing him around as they walked down the hall. Reagan found it amusing that Ed smiled and took her abuse as if it was a game now. They got many odd looks as they walked to class and made their way to Uniques 2.0 class. There they sat near each other in middle and Ed got ready to take notes.

April: I suppose you are working on a way to make this class help you as well?

Ed: Actually I am. I am working on using water and blood to heal wounds, however I am only at the beginning stages.

April: So then why are you telling the teachers?

Ed: The last teacher had that "No one is listening to me" look. I know that one all to well so I decided to let him know I heard him.

Reagan: And if he decides to use your info?

Ed: He can only use theory since he doesn't use elemental magic.

April: Brilliant Ed. So each element will have a different approach then.

Ed: Exactly.

Teacher: Okay class get seated so we may begin.

Ed once again began to take detailed notes on the lecture who April tried to stay awake by playing with Blu and Reagan watched April and Blu to escape boredom.


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