Food for thought/A new approach

Ed helped April and Regan pack their stuff as he carried Aprils books for her in his bag. This was a common practice as they had been in a weird relationship for over a year now. It was common knowledge they were close but it was a mystery as to how close since April treated Ed like her property. As they were leaving Ed walked up to Gawain and smiled at him.

Ed: You know first I thought this class would be more suited for shape shifters or history buffs, but I do find it interesting. Based on your theories of transformation I have learned more about the principals of the process. Like so.

Ed then created water around his arm and turned it into a snake made of water and slowly an ice snake. It now looked like a living sculpture.

Ed: I know its just a theory but I believe those with elemental powers can possibly achieve a shadow version of the transformation which could be useful. Granted I am still experimenting with the idea so I am still working on the camouflage part to make it look realistic.

Gawain was quite surprised to hear that Ed actually had found his lecture at least a little interesting. It also impressed him to se how good he was at using his water bending abilities, but had to disappoint him about certain parts of his theory.

"Well, I'm glad to know at least one of you were listening, but as far as I know then it's not possible for anyone with any kind of elemental abilities to achieve a complete shadow version of the transformation. Even if it were possible, the shadow version of the transformation would never be nowhere near as strong as somone with real transformation abilities nor would the user be able to keep the form for long, at least without taking any lasting damage. To be honest I think it will be far more dangerous to use than whatever you want to achieve with it, but if you want to then I'll try to figure out some more about it till next time." he answered with a friendly smile, though he was a bit worried on behalf of Ed in case he truly wanted to experiment with this as it could endanger both himself and those around him.

Then April interupted them as she spoke up.

April: Yo Evil Eddy.......we got Uniques 2.0 and the bell is gonna ring soon.

Ed: Oh sorry sir. I am going to be late. Anyway thanks for the lesson.

April almost dragged Ed out, but he easily regained his balance and headed to class with April and Reagan. Blu teased Ed as April was bossing him around as they walked down the hall.

Gawain just nodded and watched them as they left. He kept thinking about this theory of Eds and completely forgot all about his task of keeping an eye on Theo.


Theo noticed that Gawain was distracted and didn't hesitate to take advantage of the situation. He quickly grabbed his stuff and walked out the classroom, apparently without being noticed by Gawain or even Lily.

To get away from it all he headed outside to get some fresh air and out here there usually were fewer teachers around.

As he was walking around the garden he caught sight of Ellie, who was sitting alone on a bench. It had been quite awhile since they last talked and it had all ended up pretty bad. Despise of this he couldn't help but feel the need to walk up and talk to her. He really had missed her, though he knew she was proably still mad at him.

He thought about this for a moment before deciding on a way to approach her. Maybe if he simply pretended nothing had happend then maybe they could continue just as before? After all, why bring up all the bad things anyway? He had to take the chance as it might be awhile before he would get such an oppotunity again, where they were alone and he wasn't being supervised by a teacher.

With the chubby wheat coloured cat still sitting silently in his backpack he sneaked up from behind and covered her eyes with his hands. "Guess who." he said in a playful tone and smiled, internally hoping this type of approach would work.

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