The suprised look upon her face and all her babbling was more than he could have asked for. He chuckled as he moved around the bench and wrapped his arms around her, gently pulling her closer to him. "Sure there are many blonde girls around here but none like you." He continued in his playful tone and kissed her cheek.

The cat didn't like her master to be so affectionate to someone else, although they had just met, and jumped out of his bag to get a little distance to it.

Theo no longer really thought or even cared about the cat as he almost buried his head in Ellies long beautiful blond hair, showering her in kisses as he enjoyed the sweet scent and feel of her. "You know you don't have to be so shy around me." He kept on kissing her soft skin, admittedly quite tempted to once again sink his fangs into her to her neck and taste of her sedusing blood, but managed to hold this dark desire back.

Now that he was holding her cloce he could feel how much he truly had missed her all this time. On top of that she didn't seem to be angry with him any more so it appeared that everything were in order now.

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