Ed: He can only use theory since he doesn't use elemental magic.

April: Brilliant Ed. So each element will have a different approach then.

Ed: Exactly.

Teacher: Okay class get seated so we may begin.

Ed once again began to take detailed notes on the lecture who April tried to stay awake by playing with Blu and Reagan watched April and Blu to escape boredom.

As Ed was taking notes Nagi looked around and notices Theo was missing from class. She told Ed telepathically and he turned to confirm Theo was indeed missing. Ed quickly and casually summoned a water snake to send a message to Elvira. The water snake slithered downstairs to the clinic where it approached Elvira. It startled her as she was reading a Tome. Then Ed's voice was projected through the water snake.

Ed: Hey how ya doin?

Elvira almost jumped out of her chair as Ed broke her concentration. As she tried to recover her chest almost popped out of her top and she almost knock her stuff off the table. Of course she quickly covered up and looked at the water snake with an annoyed grin.

Elvira: Oh for the sake of Vlad you scared me half to death Ed. I almost flashed you by accident.

Ed: Not that I would complain or mention such a treat.

Elvira: Ed I hope you didn't pull this lil stunt just to peep and scare me eh?

Elvira had a sassy expression as she looked at the water snake.

Ed: Sorry Elvira but I got bad news. Theo is not in class. Can you look around for him in case he is in the mood to hunt girls again? If I do it I am just picking on him.

Elvira: Oh crap. That boy can't take a hint. I'm on it lil Eddy so get back to class and watch over your friends. This is a teacher's job anyway.

Then Ed's snake slithered into her potted plant and dissolved. Elvira quickly created several small shadow spiders to search the school and outside for Theo as well as Gawain who was suppose to be watching him. Ed didn't know Gawain was Theo's watcher otherwise he would have contacted him instead. Thousands of little spiders comes the cracks of the school both inside and outside till they found Gawain and Theo with a student named Ellie. Hoping to not get Gawain in trouble she used her spider-web-network to tell Gawain where Theo was.

Elvira: Hey Mr. Taylor you have a missing student outside with a Ms. Lafreal in a compromising position. Might want to hurry up.


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