Preventing a disaster (or at least trying)

Gawains search was suddenly interrupted by Elviras message.

Elvira: Hey Mr. Taylor you have a missing student outside with a Ms. Lafreal in a compromising position. Might want to hurry up.

This new information made the blood in his veins freeze for just a split second. He rushed for the door as fast as he could with Lily following though she wasn't as fast as him.

Once outside he could imediatly smell the blood and hurried that direction. It wasn't hard to find them and faster than any student would be able to react he grabbed Theo by the arm and ripped him away from Ellie.

Theo tried to struggle back but Gawain, who was far more experienced and strong, quickly pinned him to a tree. "What on earth are you thinking!?" he almost shouted, his seemed furious but this was mainly caused by his concern for both of the students. "Hey! Hey!! Look at me!" Gawain had to shake Theo quite roughly to force him to look into his eyes in order to distract him from the blood. When Theo finally turned his head to look at him, Gawain could still see the red glow in Theo's scilent hateful eyes.

Gawain was a bit relived that he appeared to have made it in time this time, but still didn't dare to let Theo go though he really wanted to check up on Ellie. If only he could get in contact with another teacher who could take Theo back to his room straight away...

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