Enter The Nurse

Gawain was a bit relived that he appeared to have made it in time this time, but still didn't dare to let Theo go though he really wanted to check up on Ellie. If only he could get in contact with another teacher who could take Theo back to his room straight away...

That was Elvira's Que to make her way out the door and act as if she was looking to see what Gawain was doing.

Elvira: Mr. Taylor? Is everything okay? You left in such a hurry I............do I smell blood?

Elvira acted like she was unaware of the situation so it would not undermine Gawain's authority or control of the situation. Since she had experience as an actress she could pull off stunts like that. Theo needed to believe that Gawain was the one who found him and caught him red handed. Elvira walked quickly in her heels over to Ellie and found her neck leaking. She blew on Ellie's neck and wrapped it in a flexible but this webbing for a makeshift bandage since Theo was still hungry.

Elvira: Mr. Taylor this girl is in need of medical attention. If you don't mind I'll take her to my clinic. Relax sweety I am the Nurse at this school I need to look at that wound now.


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