Divide and conquer?

When Elvira arrived to the scene Gawain almost let out a sigh of relief, but held it back. This situation was simply too much for him to handle alone, though the more who found out about this the higher was the risk of him or worse Theo getting severely punished. Despite of this he was so grateful to have Elvira here to take care of Ellie. He just had to talk to her when everything was under control, before she told anyone else about this.

Gawain did not take his eyes from Theo when he spoke to Elvira "Good. I'll meet you there as soon as I have returned Mr. Marriner to his room. I'll have to speak with all of you about this.". This was a mess and it was all his fault because he had not done his job properly. He just hoped he could smooth it all out a bit to avoid loosing his job and, more importantly, Theo being punished once again.

Theo was so frustrated, but did not say a word as he knew they proably wouldn't listen to him anyway because of his reputation. He looked towards Ellie, wishing he could say how sorry he was about this. This was definitely not how he had intended their reunion to be like.

Gawain noticed how Theo was looking at Ellie. It was clear that Theo was almlst completely back to his own self, but that did not mean he was going to let him het away with this. While still holding on to one of Theo's arms, Gawain bend down, picked up the shirt and handed it to him "Put it on.". Theo clearly did not like to be given orders but obeyed anyway.

As soon as Theo had his shirt on again Gawain began leading him back to his room, not wanting to give Ellie and him any time to react. Once back to the room Gawain locked Theo inside and ordered Lily to keep watch outside his door. He would have to deal with Theo later. Right now he needed checkup on Ellie, make sure she was okay and then talk this through with both her and Elvira.

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