Ellie took a step back from him, she took out a scarf from her bag and tied it around her neck to stop the bleeding "you treat him like you were told to treat him, I know this because if you took the time to get to know him you would understand what he really needs" she said simply "And he does not need to be treated like some kind of animal or an outcast" she said sincerely.

She sighed"not that it is any of your business but this would not have been the first time me and Theo have been....intimate yet here I stand unharmed...why? because I was patient and I believe in him and I help guide him, not put a collar on him and treat him like some kind of animal." she said passionately "before you got here did you know he stopped feeding himself? I didn't force him, he did it on his own and yes it was hard for him to do so but he did it" she said in almost a proud tone.

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