Stir The Pot

At the Nurses Office

If it was not for the fact Ellie knew she would cause more trouble for Theo if she tried to stop this she would not have let Theo be taken away from her like that. She took a deep breath and waited for the teacher who took Theo away to return, ignoring the woman.

When he did she crossed her arms "there was no need for that" she said in a stern tone "He was not hurting me in the slightest nor would he have" she said confidently. When the teacher went to speak she cut him off "you teach shapeshifting yet you do not know the first thing about behavior studies do you...Treating him like that will only make him feel worse and act out more, you are not helping you are making things worse" she said in an upset tone.

Elvira was quietly prepping her treatment to stop the bleeding and a patch to close up the wound. She did not speak up as Gawain was dealing with the discipline.

Gawain had not expected Ellie to be quite so upset and was a little taken aback by it. Despite of this he did not let it show that her harsh words actually hurt a bit.

"I'm sorry, but this really is for his own good" he responded in a calm tone "and for yours as well. You both need to understand that you can't just do these kind of things. Someone could have seen you. You also have to remember that Mr. Marriner has only just had that collar removed and he still hasn't completed all his training. I know he might not directly want to hurt you, but in a.. well.. excited situation it will become even more difficult for him to hold back.".

He actually felt a little sorry for splitting them up, but it had to be done "Now, we need to get that wound of yours treated, allright?".

Elvira just listened as the drama ensued. It was like watching a live soap opera for her as she watched with eagerness for the next part.

Ellie took a step back from him, she took out a scarf from her bag and tied it around her neck to stop the bleeding "you treat him like you were told to treat him, I know this because if you took the time to get to know him you would understand what he really needs" she said simply "And he does not need to be treated like some kind of animal or an outcast" she said sincerely.

She sighed"not that it is any of your business but this would not have been the first time me and Theo have been....intimate yet here I stand unharmed...why? because I was patient and I believe in him and I help guide him, not put a collar on him and treat him like some kind of animal." she said passionately "before you got here did you know he stopped feeding himself? I didn't force him, he did it on his own and yes it was hard for him to do so but he did it" she said in almost a proud tone.

At this point Elvira gently pulled Ellie to her chair with some webbing and pulled the scarf off her so she could begin patching up her wound.

Elvira: Alright Dr. Phil (looking at Ellie) you seem to fancy yourself as a child psychologist (pun intended), but you are a far cry from a medic. Using a scarf for a bandage....sheeeesh. Why not resort to using bubble gum and plug the holes? Now sit down while I patch up or I may have to wrap you in a cocoon till I am done.

Elvira used special solves to stop the bleeding and then put on a flesh colored bandage to keep the solves in the wound. Then Elvira spoke to Gawain hoping to stir the pot.

Elvira: Does she know about the other girls yet?


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