Enough is enough

The way Ellie talk to him was starting to get on his nerves, but being a teacher he couldn't let it show. But one thing in particular was too much for him to ignore. "I am not treating him like an animal nor have I any intentions of letting them put that dreadful collar on him again." this time there was a certain anger in his voice that he simply couldn't hold back. Though just after having said this he knew it wasn't the best way to solve anything. He let out a sigh before continuing in a much calmer slightly tired tone "Look, I'm not going to argue with you about this. I'm just doing what's necessary to protect you both. And its not that you can't be together, it's only good that he has someone to talk to. Just take it easy, okay?".

Elvira used special solves to stop the bleeding and then put on a flesh colored bandage to keep the solves in the wound. Then Elvira spoke to Gawain hoping to stir the pot.

Elvira: Does she know about the other girls yet?

He looked at her and shrugged "I don't know, but I doubt she's going to change her mind even if we tell her.".

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