Ellie looked at him then "tell me what?" she asked. She didn't like that they seemed uncomfortable that she asked that and it worried her, did something happy to Theo? was he ok? As she waited for them to answer she got a sinking feeling in her stomach, something behind Gawain caught her attention, she looked and thought she saw a girl but she was gone.
Mei heard Gawain's voice coming from the garden, her heart felt like it skipped a beat. She went in the direction of his voice and realized he was not alone. When she rounded the thick bushes she saw Gawain and another teacher and a girl she did not know, but she did know by her marks she was a spirit elemental and quickly moved to hide. SHe was not supposed to be around spirit elementals, Nerferet had made sure to tell her to not be around them otherwise it would cause trouble. She went to leave but found her way blocked by a large male student, she had to stop instantly or she would have run into him "oh sorry, excuse me" she said and started to go around him "hey Ive seen you around but not in any classes are you a teacher or something?" the boy asked "um no I'm not, excuse me I have things I need to do" she said again trying to move past him. He grabbed her arm gently "well can I at least get your name, I'm new here so I don't know many people" he said looking at her. SHe could tell by him marks he was a fire elemental, which would explain why his skin was so warm and why he seemed so pushy "Its if you'll..." she said but he cut her off "Mei....I'm Alexander, would you like to have lunch with me sometime?" he asked smiling. His grip was becoming uncomfortable to her, not because he was hurting her but because one she didn't like people she didn't know touching her and two her skin was very sensitive and his hand seemed to be getting warmer "um could you please let go of my arm" she asked making sure to keep her voice down "not until you agree to have lunch with me" he said in a playful tone. If she was a normal girl she might have found his playfulness charming but that was not the case, She had always stayed away from others so being in a relationship was not something she was use to, plus she already was falling in love with Gawain"I"

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