Gawain turned to look at Ellie once more "I'm sorry to tell you this but Mr. Marriner has already bitten two other girls, one of them almost died. That is why we want to protect you and help him learn to control his urges." He really hoped she would understand this and that she didn't have to act like Elvira and he were so to say 'the bad guys'.

"Anyway" now he spoke to both of them, looking at them with serious eyes "I would very much appreciate if both of you wouldn't talk too much about this little incident as I fear that wouldn't be beneficial to Mr. Marriners situation.".

He then prepared to leave, but before exiting the door he looked back at Elvira "Oh, and when you are done I hope you have the time to drop by my office. There's something I'd like to talk to you about.". After these words he left.

As soon as he had closed the door behind him he let out a deep sigh. He really had messed up this time. Now his only hope was that they had not been seen by any of the other students or teachers. He also really hoped that he would be able to get a word with Elvira in private so he could thank her for adding him and get her opinion on his new idea of 'treating' Mr. Marriner.

He went to his office and tried to look through some essays some of the students had handed in last week, but it was hard for him to concentrate on after all this commotion.


Theo was sitting on sitting on the bed in his room, still very frustrated by how all of this had turned out. Of course, deep inside he knew he had some problems with his self-control, though he would never admit this to anyone not even himself. No matter, he was furious that the teachers now started to interfere with his relationship with Ellie. Why couldn't they just leave them alone?

While thinking these things he suddenly heard something scratching on his window. The fat wheat coloured cat had returned. Without a word he just let it in and then took a seat on the bed again.

The cat could clearly feel and see how frustrated he was so decided to stay quiet for new. Talking definitely wouldn't do anything good right now. Instead she just lay down next to him, somehow hoping that her mere present would comfort him at least a little.

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