Luck Much?

Gawain turned to look at Ellie once more "I'm sorry to tell you this but Mr. Marriner has already bitten two other girls, one of them almost died. That is why we want to protect you and help him learn to control his urges." He really hoped she would understand this and that she didn't have to act like Elvira and he were so to say 'the bad guys'.

"Anyway" now he spoke to both of them, looking at them with serious eyes "I would very much appreciate if both of you wouldn't talk too much about this little incident as I fear that wouldn't be beneficial to Mr. Marriners situation."

Elvira made a snarky expression as Gawain was trying to keep the peace. She nodded as she knew Ellie would relax a bit knowing the teachers were not out to get her and Theo.

He then prepared to leave, but before exiting the door he looked back at Elvira "Oh, and when you are done I hope you have the time to drop by my office. There's something I'd like to talk to you about." After these words he left.

Elvira: Oh sure after hours will be fine.

Elvira then looked at Ellie and shook her head like like a disappointed big sister. She checked her bandage on Ellie's neck to make sure it was secure.

Elvira: Oh girl you and Theo dodged a serious bullet. Had it been Mr. Harcourt who caught you two, lil Theo would be sporting a new collar again or worse he could be kicked out of school and forced to survive without an elder around. That's a death sentence for any Fledgeling red or blue, and you girl would be forced to months of monitored counseling.

Elvira was laying it on thick to make Gawain look like he was helping her and Theo so she would less defensive.

Elvira: Now I know you are at that age where you know everything girl, but this is one of those moments where you seriously don't. You're guy has been keeping secrets from you and putting you in dangerous situations. Now as a favor to Gawain I'll keep this on the down low, but should you two muck it up again Mr. Gawain might not be able to protect you again. I suggest you check yourself before you wreck yourself. Now unless you need additional medical aid you should head to class and think about your situation.


Unknown to Ellie Ed was listening in on the conversation through his small elemental water snake that was hiding in one of the plants in the nurses office. Ed was a bit concerned about Theo's situation and also about Elvira. He wanted to make sure she was covered and not in trouble. Then the bell rang and once again Ed carried April's books as he walked with her and Reagan to their next class which was History of vampires and vampire society 201. He asked normal as he kept quiet about Theo's situation. He knew if he said anything it would cause more problems for Elvira and Gawain. So he just used his water snakes to hide and spy for the meantime. Once they arrived at their classroom they sat down and began taking notes on the traditional culture of vampires. Most students found this subject particularly boring as they struggled to stay awake. Ed of course committed the lesson to memory as he took notes for April and Reagan. For safe keeping he purchased a secured Business Class Cloud to hold his many online files. There he kept his school notes and magic Tomes as well as his movies and video games. He set it to be write protected but anyone in his coven could download or read the notes he left on there. So far he had the whole first years notes on the cloud and each day as a second year he would add to the notes.

He was on the verge of making a library for his Coven named the "Gaia's Misfits". Since the Daughters of Darkness already had a system based on hierarchy where the strong oppressed the weak, Ed, April and Reagan decided to organize the Coven to make their Misfits stronger and smarter. Ed planned on his coven being strong enough to exist after he graduated with April and Reagan so that was why he was making a good online library and they were learning from Elvira in after school lessons. Ed and April were hoping for the coven to have a solid twenty members by their Senior year. If they became successful they would be able to relax their last year and enjoy the perks. However now poor April and Reagan were struggling to stay awake in the History class. Ed found it fascinating since he wanted to know the proper way to deal with the old vampires. Granted he planned to marry April and Elvira after graduation, he was also investing in the stock market and was already making a few million dollars. He was well on his way to being financially secure so he could pamper his two future demanding brides.

Another thing Ed was constantly working on was his water magic. He wanted to use it in creative ways to diversify himself. Since water magic was very useful he hoped to learn as much as he could before he graduated.


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