Once alone Ellie sat down on the bench in the garden. She thought about what they had said and wondered if Theo was keeping things from her Theo....are you ok? She asked reaching for his mind
Mei was getting a little overwhelmed at the boys persistence "Im sorry Im kind of seeing someone" She said once more trying to get her arm free "Really? I see you walking around and your always alone" he said raising his eyebrow. She sighed "look unlike most girls here I dont need to be with the person I like twenty four seven, we both have things to do, not that its any of your business, now let go" She said still trying to keep her voice down. His grip tighten "look we both know your not seeing anyone and besides whats the harm in making friends, by the way I was wondering what perfume you wear, you smell delicious" He said with a smile. Her heart slammed in her chest as she knew she was not wearing any perfume "if you dont let me go Im going to have to report you" she said trying harder to get her arm from him

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