Its Just Lunch

It was now lunch time as the students moved on droves to the cafeteria. Ed then met up with his coven after picking up their food and blood pack. They sat calmly down and were later joined by Elvira who had a stressed out look on her face. Ed nodded at her as he understood the situation but avoided talking about it in public.

Ed: Long day huh Elvira?

Elvira: Oh you could say that. To much dramarama in the early evening.

April: Sounds annoying.

Reagan: Sounds like regular high school.

Ed: It is only with vampires and magic. We still have bullies and cliques trying to establish themselves here.

April: Only this time the rules have changed.

Freshman: Like how?

April: Well now power changes how you get treated. Evil Eddy here went from wimp to big dog on campus in one year so he doesn't get bullied anymore.

Freshman: Really?

Ed: Yeah, so if you all work hard you can get stronger by graduation cause we are on our own at that time.

Elvira: Not to scare ya kids but its rough out there so some vamps end up becoming minions in covens that exist outside school like the DOD and SOD. Since you all have Gaia's Misfits now you can create your own network for after school.

Ed: That's the plan so far. If someone has trouble fitting in we can find a place for them after graduation.

Freshman: That's a relief. Since we can't go home anymore.

Ed: Just take it one day at a time and learn what you can.

Freshman: Yeah I guess.

Elvira: So are you all ready for the Coven meeting?

Everyone then got into the conversation as they talked about their wants, needs and current levels. After lunch was over they headed back to class.


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