Preparing a surprise

After having rested for a while next to Theo the cat (let's call her Cleo since she hasn't been given a name yet ^^) looked up at him. He seemed a bit distant so she did not want disturb her.

While resting she had come up with an idea of how she might be able to cheer Theo up and maybe even help him to stay out of trouble; by bringing him some extra bloodbags. She wanted to surprise him by doing this so she carefully snug away and exited his room through the window.

Once outside Cleo headed back in through the main entrance of the school, following a few students as they opened the door. Then she went to dining area, looking for some students she could steal the blood from. It was surprisingly easy to steal a bloodbag from one of the first year students as they were buissy talking to each other.

Now that she had a bloodbag she just needed a place to hide it. When she first had arrived at the school and had been looking for Theo she remembered passing by a library so that was where she went. Inside the library there were plenty of hiding places behind books, underneath shelves and so on. She quickly found a suitable place and then went back to the cafeteria to get some more bloodbags.

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