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I'm fine. They just locked me in my room... How about you? he was a little worried about her as he did not know how much blood she had lost and if the teachers had been rough on her.


Gawain was unable to concentrate on his work because of two things. One: It had been quite a while since he had last been able to drink any blood because of the memories that had been brought up resently, and he was starting to become weak. Secondly (and most importantly): He kept thinking of Mei. It had been so long since they last have had the chance to be together and he was missing her terribly. He tried to telepathically call out to her Hey. How are you doing? I hope they're not making you work too hard. If you have the time do you think you could come by my office?

He really hoped that the two of them could get a night off and maybe take a tiny trip to the nearby forest. He really missed the woods and eventhough being a teacher wasn't that bad he still missed things how they used to be. It had all been so much easier somehow when he lived in the forest...

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