First day

After having been given an introduction to the school Siljah was shown to her room. It was so much smaller than her room back home but worst of all was that it appeared as though she would have to share it with someone else. Luckily it seem like she would be able to have some privacy as both the beds were empty.

She decided to take the bed on the left side, closest to the window, and started to unpack. It took her quite a while to find the proper places for all her stuff but eventually she succeeded. Having done this she went to the bathroom to make sure her hair and make-up had not been completely ruined by the rain outside. It wasn't too bad so after having fixed a few details she was finally ready to go out.

Since this was all new to her she decided that it would be nice to take a walk around in the halls to get familiar with it all. At the same time this gave her some time to think all that had recently happend which she still found hard to believe.

(OOC - Feel free to meet up with her somehow or to be her new roommate ;) )

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