What?/Who did this?

"Im fine but...Theo they talked as if I wasnt the only.....nevermind, Im going to head to the cafeteria to get something to eat" she telepathically said to him.

"Wait a minute. What did they say? That you wasn't the only what?" he had to know what she meant about this.

Most of all he just wanted to rush out of the door to meet her at the cafeteria, but knew that Lily was guarding his door.

It took a while but then a teacher, who he didn't already know, opened the door and allowed him to exit. He was going to be supervised by this teacher but now he at least had the chance to go find Ellie.

Now that he had the chance he imediatly he headed towards the cafeteria and started to look for her.


Great, he thought to himself, to thrilled by knowing that she would come by to notice the panic in her voice.

He quickly got up from his chair behind his desk and went to the bath room to make sure he didn't look too tired and that his hair didn't look too scruffy (as he wasn't wearing the hat as he does on his pic.). When he figured he was presentable he went back to his chair and waited for her to enter.

When she finally did enter his face lit up in a smile "Oh, I'm so glad you could come. It's been far too long since we last had the time to be together. Regarding this, I was wondering if you...". He then suddenly paused as he noticed the brushing on her arm. Quickly he rushed to her side and carefully examined her arm before looking up upon her face with a worried expression "What happend to you? Who did this?". It was difficult for him to hold back all these feelings of anger and regret which these marks on her arm made him feel. He somehow managed to do so but most of all he wanted to find whoever did this to her and "teach them a lesson" so to speak, or even tear their head off if that's what needed to be done for them to stop hurting his loved one ever again.

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