Ellie sat alone by the window in the cafeteria, she was lost in thought and had not really eaten anything. She thought about everything that had happened since she had gotten here. It was a lot to think about, yet she found it was hard to since her mind kept going back to Theo. She sighed and felt like she was in big trouble, her feelings for him grew so fast it was hard to wrap her mind around it and in truth she was scared of being hurt. She leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes, letting the coolness of the window sooth her head.
Mei looked away from him "Im ok just one of the students being stupid" She said in a soft tone "So um you wanted to see me? " She said looking back at him. Her skin grew warm under his touch since he had not let go of her arm and she felt her face get warm as she blushed at the contact.

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