Talk/The idea

When Theo arrived he quickly scanned the room to find Ellie. He soon spotted her sitting alone by the window. As he was about to walk over to her the teacher stopped him by grabbing his arm. "If you're thinking of talking to Miss Lafreal then I can't allow you to get too close to her because of that scene the two of you made in the garden. So if you want to talk to her then you have to sit at the opposite side of the table, allright?" The teacher said while looking him straight in the eyes. Theo let out at annoyed sigh "Fine...". With that said the teacher let go of his arm and he could finally get over to Ellie.

Though he had wanted to sit next to her he did as he was told and took a seat opposite of Ellie. He looked at her for a while before speaking "Hey... How are you doing?". Of course that was kind of a stupid question but frankly he was not sure how to get this conversation started.


He sighed quietly as she just brushed it off as if it was nothing to worry about. But since she appeared to ignore the incidence so would he though it was impossible for him.

With a small smile he let go of her arm and kissed her gently on her forehead "I was just thinking that maybe we could go on a small trip? Just one night or two. I don't know about you but I could really need a break from this place. I already know a place we could go. There is this small cabin in a forest not too far from here. There's really any people using it so it is the perfect place for us to stay.".

His smile had now grown as he looked at her "So what do you think?". He really hoped that she would say yes as he would love to be able to show her the beauty of the forest which he missed so much.

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