Being casual as ever/Not okay

This left Theo completely speechless, or at least unable to say anything for the next couple of minutes or so (proably way less than that...). He wasn't quite prepared for a relationship as serious as this so he was a little caught off guard. He definitely wasn't prepared for the talk about 'the only one'. "Uhm. Sure." He said with a somewhat confident smile "As long as we won't be taking things too slow then I'm all in." He said with a cheeky wink.

"No. I simply can't allow this. You have to report it." He said, looking at her with a serious gaze, not wanting to let this go so easily. He simply couldn't allow anyone to treat her like this. It would have to have consequences.

"I've also been missing you so badly but I simply can't accept the fact that you are being mistreated this way. If you won't do anything about it then I will.".

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