Come on/Worries

"Oh come on. Please don't walk away like that." He said, not wanting their conversation like this "Why do you always try to make this so complicated? Aren't you happy with things the way they are now? And please stay out of my head.".

He hesitated for a moment, lust looking into her eyes, not wanting to let this go but she was giving him no choice. "Fine..." He said while letting out a annoyed sigh "but please let me know if something like this happens again, okay?". It worried him so much that he wasn't able to protect her from things like that and he couldn't bare the thought of her getting hurt.

This also made him worry about another thing; what if she accidentally ran into a guy like Theo? With blood as sweet as her he proably wouldn't be able to control himself and could do a lot of harm before anyone even got the chance to stop him.

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