On the bed/Leaves?

Theo found it hard to remain calm after what she said, but calmly got back up on his feet Great. I'll be there right away.. He could already picture her in her mind, her laying there on the bed proably only wearing her sexy undies if anything. Despite of this he couldn't let his excitement show in case the teacher noticed.

"I think I'll just go back to my room now." He said to the teacher in a casual tone before starting to walk back to his room.

When her arrived at his door he almost hesitated before turning the doorknob and entering, afraid to give the teacher any hints of why he suddenly wanted to go back to his room.


"Well... Uhm... Thank you" he responded with a wage smile, sad to watch her leave already. Then he noticed something strange; there were a couple of leaves stuck in her hair wich was highly unusual. "Just one moment" he stopped her "Why are there leaves in your hair?".

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