The teacher didnt come in "Im going to put a ward up so you cant leave, Ill be back in a few hours when its time for dinner to escort you to the cafeteria" With that he left, shutting the door behind him.

Once he was gone Ellie uncovered her head from his blankets but kept the rest of her covered "well it looks like we are stuck together for a few hours...I wonder what we could do to pass the time?" She said with a teasing smile "I do want to test your memory on something" She said with a smile and looked like she was grabbing something from underneath the blanket, she pulled out her skirt and shirt "Do these look familiar to you?" She said with a mischievous smile
Mei stopped and reached up into hair and pulled out one of the leaves "Oh um...one of my duties is tending the garden..sorry I must look a mess right now" She said with a embarrassed tone. When she went to pull out another she bumped the chopstick holding her hair up and it fell out, letting her wavy white hair fall down to her back. The chopstick rolled onto the floor and she went to bend down to pick it up

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