Theo didn't even reply nor react to what the teacher said, too focused in Ellie who was waiting inside his room.

When she pulled out her shirt and skirt from underneath the blanket he got even more turned on though he continued playing it cool "Well I've might have seen those before somewhere.". This was clearly said in a teasing way and with a smirk on his lips.

"But do you remember this?" He said as he pulled off his shirt and threw it aside, showing his pale but muscular and well built abdomen and chest.

His blood suddenly ran cold; had she been having an affair? Was that the reason she had leaves on her hair? He couldn't believe this; what if she had been doing it with some other guy somewhere outside on the schools property?

Just as he was about to confront her she dropped one of the chopsticks holding her hair and as it fell to the ground he bed down to get it. As he did so their hands touched as they were both about to grab the chopstick and then their eyes met.

When looking at her, once again being reminded of her beauty and of course how much he had been missing her combined with the fact that he hadn't had any blood for days made his eyes show off a hint of red desire as he looked into hers.

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