Busted/An oppotunity

After having attended her first couple of classes Siljah was done for the rest of the day. Since she had nothing else to do, as she did not know anybody here yet, she looked through the list of books she should have been handed by the school already. When doing so she noticed none was missing; "Basic shapeshifting". Luckily she could see on the list which teacher was responsible for this and as it happend to be she remembered having passed his door just a short while ago.
Though it was all still so new to her she decided to head towards this teachers office and ask him where she could get the book she was missing.

It did not take her long to find her way back to the door with the name "Gawain Taylor". She knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer she just walked in "Excuse me Mr. Taylor but I..."

At the sound of somebody knocking on the door Gawain quickly let go of Mei and in a blink of the eye went back behind his desk. "... Uhm... Yes? How can I help you?" he tried hard to pretend he had not just been kissing with Mei and actually had not wanted to break off their moment like that, but failed miserably.

Siljah could clearly feel the awkward tension hanging in the air, sensing that she had interrupted something forbidden. "Okay..?" She responded sligthly hesitantly then took a few steps forward, looking a little at the both of them before asking Gawain "Sorry to interrupt but I'm new here and just wanted to ask were I could get the books for your class."

"It's allright" Gawain replied with a polite and kind smile "I'm fortunately I don't have the books here but I'm sure you can get them at the library. Just ask Miss. Winters who works there. She'll be able to get them for you."

"Thanks" Siljah smiled and the turned around to leave. Just as she was about to exit the door she stopped and looked back at both of them with a sligthly wicked and mischievous smile "Oh, and don't worry. I won't tell anybody about your little thing. I just hope my grades will be good.". Of course she didn't know for sure that there was something going on between Mei and Gawain, but she took a chance by assuming so and by the look at Gawains face before she closed the door just made her more confident in her assumption.

For a moment Gawain froze completely, simply staring at the door. A sickening feeling was spreading through out his body. "She knows..." he mumbled almost to himself. This was bad. This was really bad.

(OOC - Sorry this post is so long I just hope this will put some more action and life into the game as I have a lot more ideas for all of my characters ;) )

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