Lovemaking/Solving the problem/Triumph

Theo absolutely loved the sound of her sweet moans and the warmth of her body. Sexy and understanding. She was simply the perfect match for him.
He managed to get his pants off and the moved to be on top of her. He had longed to be with her for so long that he started out a bit rough on her but slowly became more gentle in his lovemaking.

For a moment of two Gawain struggled to find the words. "No... It's not your fault. I should have been more careful..." he looked at her apologetic and worried.

Then he looked a little at the door almost as if he was looking at Siljah leaving. His mind was working hard to find out what they should do "... We have to speak to her. Make sure she doesn't tell anybody...". Then an extreme thought popped into his mind. "Or many I could kill her..?" he mumbled, unknowingly saying his thought out loud. Of course he knew that would be wrong, but he would rather do that than risk anything happening to Mei.

Siljah walked with a smile on her lips. Day one and she already had some serious dirt on one of the teachers and another student. This information might come in handy later.

She went to the library to get her book.

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