Ellie let herself get lost in the moment, nothing else filled her mind but him. she liked him this way, he was at ease and happy. She was happy to be able to make him feel this way. She wanted to be there for him, to comfort him and be someone he could trust and relay on. Her hands caressed him in a gentle hold, letting her feelings show through her body.
Mei shook her head "no dont even think like that Gawain...look I should take the fall for this, your too important here, you can help many students and your a full Vamprye....not everyone makes it to become that. Im nothing special...Im not even passing my classes right now..." She said in a sighing tone "I was afraid of this...I was afraid I would end up getting you in trouble or worse...I promise ill do whatever it takes to make sure your ok" She said turning to unlock the door so she could leave

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