Fine.../Holding back

Theo groaned in annoyance as he landed on his back on the floor. Very reluctantly he let go of her neck "All right... I won't let him see you like this...". He was a bit grumpy that he was interrupted like this, but given his situation he had no other choice than do what he was told.

"I'm in the shower! Just give me a moment!" he shouted back to the teacher. He then looked at Ellie once more with his red eyes and a smile on his lips " We really need to continue this some other time".


As he looked into her beautiful eyes and was surrounded by her scent he couldn't denie his desires. He held her tighter and kissed her lips lovingly. Once more he was almost overwhelmed by the desire to have her blood, the blood which his body needed so badly. He pulled back a little, not wanting to end up hurting her "I... I think you have to leave...". He really didn't want her to leave, but could feel that if they were together any longer he risked biting her.

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