Fun/Forbidden search

Theo absolutely loved the way she laughed. It filled him with a feeling of careless happiness. "Just try, though I doubt you'll be able to hit me once more. Now I'm prepared for it." He said with a teasing confident smile. He quickly reached out, trying to grab hold of her but got nothing but think air.


It was not that he wanted to leave her but he needed to leave. He simply wanted her too much. To avoid further temptation he quickly left the room without looking back. The taste of her blood was still in his mouth and it was driving him crazy. He needed more and he needed it now.

Almost without thinking he went outside and left the schoolgrounds. He began searching the streets as he had done so many times in the past, so focused on the thought of fresh blood that he almost completely forgot about his promise to Mei.

It took a while before he finally found the perfect victim; a girl in her twenties was walking alone on a small street, probably on her way home after a party. He watched her from the distance, planning where the best place for an ambush would be.

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